Green Summer Dress

Green summer dressis other bold and vibrant color for your summer dress to wear.  It is calm, and you can match or mix with accessories you wear such as earring or glasses. Here are ideas for your green summer dress that you can wear to anywhere.

The jade green multicolor abstract printed in boho style is perfect with thin strap. The fitted silhouette makes this summer dress perfect for casual or formal occasion.  For shopping or go to semi-formal occasion, you can try this short sleeve in two color combination. The top is the white V-neck cut with green floral print. Right into the waist it connected to knee length skirt in bold green color. Wear the color bracelet, it make your outstanding 1960s outfit look.

The turquoise green of floral daisy print and ruffle strapless tassel with beyond knee length is next option for your green summer dress in light color. The strapless shoulder and tassel ruffle in the top makes this dress perfect for your casual or even for formal dress. You also can try the vintage look with bold color embroidery summer dress in green. With the short sleeve, it can be worn as bohemian style for your casual look.

Simple Summer Dress Green
Simple Summer Dress Green

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